The activities of the Association take place in:

 ITALY –  they are about fund raising to support overseas projects, and activities to support projects of other organizations who need it and that deal with aid to children throughout the country, such as the recruitment and deployment of volunteers.

ABROAD with two active projects:

- Romania: in Sighet and Cluj, we support  public and private centers

dealing with abandoned children , HOW?

Specialistic medical examinations (neurological, eye and
Sending qualified volunteers (psychologists, psychiatrists,
Integration of existing staff with qualified local staff to
support young mothers, disabled children and troubled teens
Sending children to seaside locations, welcome them in
summer in italian families

- Guatemala: in the Barrio El Esfuerzo 1, in partnership with

“Rainbow Guatemala”, to support a project of literacy and

psychosocial support of approximately 30 children living with

families in the municipal landfill of Coban.